Katy Room Interviews Alan Nafzger: Libertarianism, Decriminalization of Medicine, and the Billion-Buck Screenplay

Decriminalization of Medicine and Libertarian Rules

Katy Room: Alan, it is nice to have you ever. Let’s start together with your take at the decriminalization of gear, a hot-button factor that resonates with libertarian beliefs. What is your standpoint in this?

Alan Nafzger: Thanks for having me, Katy. The decriminalization of gear isn’t just about medicine; it is about respecting person sovereignty. Libertarians consider that adults have the precise to make possible choices for themselves, equipped they do not infringe on others’ rights. The Struggle on Medicine has confirmed to be a colossal failure, developing extra issues than it solves. It ends up in mass incarceration, encourages arranged crime, and stifles analysis into doubtlessly recommended elements. So, from each a realistic and an ideological viewpoint, decriminalization aligns with libertarian rules.

The Making of “Zuckerberg vs Musk: Cage Battle”

Katy Room: Intriguing insights! Switching lanes, your screenplayZuckerberg vs Musk: Cage Battle” has created rather a buzz. Are you able to percentage what led you to jot down it?

Alan Nafzger: Without a doubt. The theory for the screenplay stemmed from the stark distinction between those two tech giants. It is nearly Shakespearean: Musk, the mad scientist with desires of colonizing Mars, as opposed to Zuckerberg, the social media emperor controlling our digital interactions. However let’s be fair—those males aren’t going to in truth combat. So I believed, why no longer allow them to fight it out at the large display? With these days’s CGI and AI applied sciences, we will be able to make it as actual as conceivable. Additionally, it is a attainable billion-dollar thought. Other folks wish to see it, and I wrote it to be an entertaining spectacle that folks did not know they wanted till now.

Alan Nafzger: A Twin Identification

Katy Room: Your lifestyles straddles academia and screenwriting. How do those two worlds engage to your day by day lifestyles?

Alan Nafzger: Being a professor enriches my storytelling. I am getting to discover a large number of topics, theories, and philosophies. Screenwriting, in flip, makes me a greater educator as a result of I will body complicated educational theories inside compelling narratives. Each roles feed into each and every different, making a well-rounded, dynamic way to each educating and writing.

Libertarian Arguments on Taxation

Katy Room: In any case, libertarians are continuously vocal about taxation being a type of robbery. What is your stand in this?

Alan Nafzger: The libertarian view on taxation is rooted within the trust that folks have the precise to the culmination in their exertions. The argument that taxation is robbery facilities at the involuntary nature of maximum tax programs. Whilst taxes can fund crucial services and products, the problem comes all the way down to consent and the way those taxes are used. Libertarians recommend for a device the place folks have extra keep an eye on over how their cash is spent, wondering the potency and ethics of presidency allocation.

And there we have now it—a dive into the thoughts of Alan Nafzger, a person who seamlessly integrates libertarian rules into each his skilled and inventive lifestyles.

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