Biden illegally influenced inflation report so he could outright lie on television

Telling the public there is “zero inflation” is like telling the public they are morons

President Biden tried to claim today that the US had “zero inflation” in July. An anonymous source in the Department of Labor who requested that his name not become public, told JournoNews that his office had come under “intense pressure” from the White House to produce “no inflation numbers for June and July.” The source said the, “economists resisted and reported accurate numbers in June, but caved when it came time for the July report.”

Biden illegally influenced inflation report
Biden illegally influenced inflation report

The source said, “Some of the economists working on the numbers were cajoled and others were coerced. LEt me tell you, you can say what you want about Joe Biden, but his people are very skilled at behavioral phycology. I mean, I’m aware of B.F. Skinner but until recently I’d never seen it actually used so… effectively.”

Who was Skinner?  What is behaviorism? B.F. Skinner was an American psychologist best known for his influence on behaviorism. Skinner referred to his own philosophy as “radical behaviorism” and suggested that the concept of free will was simply an illusion. All human action, he instead believed, was the direct result of conditioning. Many explain behaviorism as a reward and deprivation system.

Some of the economists were rewarded and the other economist were punished. Whatever the case, Joe Biden and his heavy handed White House got what they wanted.

Why would Joe Biden pressure the Department of Labor to lie about the inflation numbers?

Elections will be held in 2022 and 2024 and the socialist don’t feel they can win without a little help

U.S. President Joe Biden
President Joe Biden insists the US is undergoing “zero inflation” in spite of federal data showing its more than eight percent.

Political science professor Emil Ficker told JournoNew, “The economy is now high politics, and much of politics is about the economy. There are elections and economic indicators the politicians try to claim. It’s not true but the socialists on the left claim they are better stewards of the economy and the national interest. It would be nice if all the politicians tried to do was ‘claim’ the reports as supporting their side, but we all know they are downright liars, influencers and controllers. Frankly, if you have someone in the Department of Labor that says Joe Biden’s people illegibly defrauded Americans and

Over the past 50 years, political economy has become increasingly prominent in both economics and political science, in three ways:

Voters and interest groups have a powerful impact on virtually every possible economic policy. Political scientists strive to identify the relevant groups and their interests, and how political institutions affect their impact on policy.  Macroeconomic trends can boost or ruin an incumbent’s chances.

Professor Emil Ficker added, “Frankly, with this inflation and the recession happening at the same time, it will be virtually impossible for the socialists to win in 2022 or in 2024. Businessmen and those still employed can count on some big changes coming from the next two elections.”

What was Biden’s lie? What actually happened?

Hours after federal Consumer Price Index data showed annual inflation dipping only slightly to 8.5%, which outraged Republicans and other critics who pointed out it’s still near a four-decade high. The latest figures reflected a demand-driven decline in fuel prices — including gasoline, which hit a record national average of $5 per gallon in mid-June before sliding to a still-high $4 average today — that offset increases in the cost of food, rent and other goods and services.

“I just want to say a number: zero,” Biden lied in the White House East Room. “Today, we received news that our economy had 0% inflation in the month of July — 0%,” Biden said. “Here’s what that means: while the price of some things go up — went up last month, the price of other things went down by the same amount. The result? Zero inflation last month. “But people are still hurting,” the president went on, before repeating: “But 0% inflation last month.”

Biden then proceeded to contradict his lie. He knew it was a lie, because he orchestrated the false numbers. He step on his own message by urging Congress to pass the Senate-approved Inflation Reduction Act, which he said would keep inflation “from getting better,” a view advanced by Republicans, before correcting himself to say “from getting worse.” Experts say Biden’s trying to play economist will only cause inflation to increase.

Biden’s rosy spin on the latest inflation report was quickly called out as misleading by critics, especially after White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tweeted: “We just received news that our economy had 0% inflation in July. While the price of some things went up, the price of others, like gas, clothing, and more, dropped.”

“The Biden Administration has a tortured relationship with math,” joked Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) on Twitter.

The Labor Department’s Consumer Price Index shows inflation remains at a four-decade high at 8.5 percent.
The Labor Department’s Consumer Price Index shows inflation remains at a four-decade high at 8.5 percent.
“Ridiculous BS from the White House,” tweeted Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). “There’s 8.5% inflation and basically everything anyone ever buys went up in price. This is just cruel gaslighting from the Biden admin.”

“Either the White House doesn’t understand what inflation is or they just don’t care,” said Rep. Kevin Hern (R-Okla.). “That doesn’t change the pain and hardship that Americans are enduring because of their failed policies.”

“It’s a bogus math trick. This is the overall one-month index change. Overall that means that the big drop in fuel oil and gas (following previous massive monthly increases) swamped the huge increases everywhere else,” tweeted Jeffrey Tucker, president of the Brownstone Institute think tank.  “Using the same tactic, you could also observe a one-month 19.2% increase in electricity! But of course we would not do that because that’s dumb,” Tucker added. “The actual increase is 15.2% which we get from calculating year over year.”

John Cooper, director of media and public relations at the conservative Heritage Foundation, tweeted, “Joe Biden claims, multiple times, that there was ‘zero inflation’ in July. Absolutely false. Year-over-year inflation was 8.5% in July.”

Biden couldn’t persuade the economists, not all of them. The Bureau of Labor statistics laid the data out in black and white — reporting the highest annual jump in food prices since the 1970s, with a 1.3% bump in at-home food costs from June to July and a 10.9% food-cost jump in the past year.

“The all items less food and energy index rose 5.9 percent over the last 12 months,” the official report said, referring to so-called “core inflation.” “The energy index increased 32.9 percent for the 12 months ending July, a smaller increase than the 41.6-percent increase for the period ending June. The food index increased 10.9 percent over the last year, the largest 12-month increase since the period ending May 1979.”

Senator Ted Cruz speaks
Sen. Ted Cruz accused the White House of “cruel gaslighting” on Americans.

“The Orwellian named ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ will do no such thing, as a number of prominent experts and economic policy groups have indicated,” Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) said after the bill passed the Senate. “The Penn Wharton Budget Modelthe Tax Foundation, and the Congressional Budget Office all found the bill won’t lower inflation and may make it worse. The IRS would more than double in size, unleashing 87,000 new enforcement agents on American families… [and the] nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation says that 78% to 90% of the revenue raised from misreported income would likely come from those making under $200,000.”

Republicans argue new taxes may result in higher consumer costs and point to independent analysis that says the bill won’t reduce inflation.

Who’s idea was it to fabricate the inflation numbers?

Joe Biden had a private lunch with Bill Clinton during which the former president urged him to take credit if inflation decreased

Inflation didn’t decrease but Biden falsely claimed that it did…

Who's idea was it to fabricate the inflation numbers?
Joe Biden had a private lunch with Bill Clinton during which the former president urged him to take credit if inflation decreased

President Joe Biden met with Bill Clinton in May, during which the former president advised him on a range of topics and urged him to take credit if inflation decreases, according to a report published by The Washington Post.

The Washington Post had no idea their story would play so prominently into the White House’s illegal tampering with the economic reports.

The meeting occurred on May 2 and was confirmed by the White House at the time after The Post first reported it was happening, citing people familiar with the situation. Details on what the two Democrats discussed had not previously been reported.

Biden and Clinton discussed inflation, Ukraine, and the midterm elections, people briefed on the conversation told JournoNews. Clinton praised Biden for building support around Ukraine, as the US provided extensive aide to the Eastern European country since Russia invaded in February.

Bill Clinton allegedly to Biden he was doing the right thing by selling off the national strategic reserve in order to bring down the price of gasoline.  Clinton said, a million barrels a day is reasonable leading up to the election. The Chinese are bluffing about a war in the Pacific; the odds they strike at us is relatively slim, especially they won’t strike before an American election. Joe, you can fill the reserve again when gas prices no longer really matter.”

Clinton also told Biden to talk more about what the White House was doing to address skyrocketing inflation in an effort to set himself up to take credit if inflation decreases later this year.

Inflation rates continued to rise in the wake of the the meeting, but sources have revealed that the numbers were concocted and were false. Meanwhile, Democrats in Congress struck a deal on a massive tax increase, welfare give away, and billions in renewable energy subsides. Biden’s bill is named the Inflation Reduction Act.

But it’s unclear how much of an effect the bill, which passed the Senate on Sunday, will have on inflation. Analysts have given varied assessments on when, or how much, the bill will actually impact prices.

Biden’s meeting with Clinton was on par with his habit of enlisting outside experts to seek guidance on various issues. JournoNews also reported that Biden met with a group of historians last week to discuss threats to democracy coming from inside the Democratic party.

The White House did not immediately respond to the JournoNews request for comment.