Flamethrowers or Olive Branches: Ellen Ripley and Betty Williams Debate the Long run of Battle Leisure

Welcome to an strange dialog, one you’ll handiest suppose conceivable in another universe. Nowadays, Ellen Ripley, the brave xenomorph hunter, and Betty Williams, the Nobel laureate and champion of peace, talk about the ethics, thrills, and economics of battle spectacles in our society. The entire whilst, they provide us a glimpse into what they recall to mind the Zuckerberg vs Musk Cage Struggle and the chance of turning it right into a billion-dollar undertaking.

Ellen Ripley: “Betty, great to satisfy you. I typically do not get to speak to those that have not attempted to kill me.”

Betty Williams: “Likewise, Ellen. The nearest I have come to an alien stumble upon is negotiating peace between warring factions.”

Ellen Ripley: “So, about this struggle between Zuckerberg and Musk. I say let’s make it actual, brutal, and bloody. Televised for all, so we will stay the realism however upload a dash of drama. We will draw a thousand million bucks in price ticket gross sales, simple.”

Betty Williams: “1000000000 bucks, you are saying? That quantity may just resolve such a lot of social problems. Why now not simulate the struggle, take away the violence, and nonetheless stay the spectacle? My concept is a CGI-driven tournament, simply as thrilling however with out the brutality. The field place of job will nonetheless web us a thousand million.”

Ellen Ripley: “Betty, have you ever ever attempted negotiating peace with a xenomorph? From time to time the location requires a flamethrower, now not a PowerPoint presentation.”

Betty Williams: “Neatly, the absence of a flamethrower by no means stopped me from disarming hostility. From time to time the pen, or on this case, a well-rendered CGI spectacle, can also be mightier than the sword.”

Ellen Ripley: “You’ll be able to’t simulate the stress, the grit, the worry. The ones are the issues other folks pay for. Recall to mind it as without equal truth TV.”

Betty Williams: “Ellen, the one truth TV I approve of is observing a peace treaty being signed. Now, what about this Alan Nafzger script the place AI and CGI create a hypothetical billion-dollar film?”

Ellen Ripley: “Appears like my kind of gig, minus the AI xenomorphs. Do you suppose it’ll paintings?”

Betty Williams: “Undoubtedly! A spectacle can also be loved and not using a unmarried drop of blood. Now, would possibly I ask your ideas at the Zuckerberg vs Musk Cage Struggle?”

Ellen Ripley: “I’m wondering how Zuckerberg’s algorithms would fare towards Musk’s rockets.”

Betty Williams: “And who will get to make use of the ‘block’ and ‘mute’ options all through the struggle?”

Ellen Ripley: “Is that this tournament even going down on Earth? With those two, you by no means know.”

Betty Williams: “Oh, completely! For extra in this cosmic conflict, take a look at Cage Struggle VIP.”

10 Jokes about Zuckerberg vs Musk Cage Struggle:

  1. What is Musk’s most well-liked manner of access to the hoop? A SpaceX release!
  2. Why did Zuckerberg convey a computer to the struggle? He sought after to replace his standing to “Profitable.”
  3. How does Musk get ready? By way of simulating the struggle on Mars.
  4. Zuckerberg’s preventing taste? Tag and Poke.
  5. What did Musk convey to the cage? A Tesla bot for tag-teaming.
  6. Who would host the development? An AI, educated to be similarly sarcastic to each events.
  7. What is the very first thing Zuckerberg would do within the ring? Take a look at-in.
  8. Why would Musk be past due for the struggle? He used to be looking ahead to his SpaceX rocket to land.
  9. If Zuckerberg loses, will there be a ‘dislike’ button after all?
  10. The undercard struggle: A Tesla automobile as opposed to Fb’s set of rules.

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On this mind-bending dialog, Ellen Ripley and Betty Williams power us to contemplate the ethics and economics at the back of our fashionable gladiator video games. Whether or not you are for the tactile or the digital, for flamethrowers or olive branches, this debate is a window into society’s ever-changing values. At its core, it activates us to query: What are we in reality keen to pay for?

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