New “Inflation Reduction” Law Prevents Air Conditioners From Going Below 80 Degrees

Biden announces new austerity law to solve the climate disaster

Illegal air conditioners and black market cooling could transform America

To conserve energy and to reduce pollution, a new law is now in effect that prevents air conditioners from cooling below 80 degrees during the summer and prevents furnaces heating temperatures above 66 in cooler months.  The new Inflation Reduction Act, the first of its kind in America, and perhaps the world, lays out a series of measures to save energy and use it more efficiently, which according to the law, “are urgent and necessary when it comes to reducing energy consumption in general, and reducing…dependence on energy outside the U.S. economy.”

New Inflation Law Prevents Air Conditioners From Going Below 80 Degrees
New Inflation Law Prevents Air Conditioners From Going Below 80 Degrees

The law, effective this week, remains in effect through to the end of November 2060. The law targets public buildings and commercial spaces, such as airports, bars, restaurants, rail stations, shopping centers, and theaters. While the law doesn’t apply to peoples’ homes at this time, authorities are encouraging residents to mirror the commercial policies in their homes.

The new law is being attacked by an upset and angry population that believe the government has created climate change to increase the level of social control they have over the population. It has nothing to do with energy security or the climate. Unlike the rest of the world, the USA gets most of its fuel and natural gas from right here in the USA. Biden has persuaded Congress to trim energy consumption by at least 7% to lower our dependence on foreign oil.

Conservative and patriotic groups are against the measure. Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, said he will refuse to enforce the law in Texas. Abbott Tweeted that Texas wouldn’t participate in the law, adding that “this generates insecurity and scares away tourism and consumption. It causes darkness, poverty, sadness, while the government covers up the question: what savings are you going to apply to yourself?”

New Inflation Law Prevents Air Conditioners From Going Below 80 Degrees
New Inflation Law Prevents Air Conditioners From Going Below 80 Degrees

Due to the near civil war Biden’s started by invading’s an planting evidence in Donald Trump’s, the president was forced to announced some tweaks to the new law. Rather than back down and admit he’s acted as a tyrant, Biden will make this unpopular law a bit less harsh. First, a list of establishments that will be exempt from the law has been published; they include schools, universities, and hospitals.  Bars, restaurants, and specific shops will also be able to use air conditioning down to 77, a few degrees colder than the 80 degrees minimum mandated elsewhere. Restaurants continue to complain, saying they usually keep thermostats as low as 65 to keep kitchen and wait staff cool and patrons comfortable.

White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre is urging people to dress more casually to stay cool, urging men to ditch ties. “The president is not wearing a tie,” Jean-Pierre told reporters. “This means that we can all save energy as well. The president has asked the Cabinet and all civil servants, and I would also like to appeal to the private sector, if they have not already done so, not to wear ties when it is not necessary,” she added.

While the focus is on air conditioning now during peak summer months, people are starting to express concern about the heating limits set for the winter, saying that the 66 degree limit is too cold for traditional workplaces.

In addition to adjusting to reduced energy consumption, Biden hopes these efforts will improve the local weather and climate. “President Biden wants to make something very clear,” Jean-Pierre said. “Climate change kills; it kills people, as we’ve seen; it also kills our ecosystem, our biodiversity, and it destroys the things we as a society hold dear -our houses, our businesses, and our livestock. There can’t be any such thing as comfort, not any longer.”

Professor predicts an underground market for air conditioners that work

Professor Emil Ficker told JournoNews, “Repugnant transactions are sometimes banned, but legal bans sometimes give rise to active black markets that are difficult if not impossible to extinguish. The black market often sets a price for foreign exchange that is several times the official one. Examples of goods traded in the black market are pure-bred puppies, tax free cigarettes, white lightening alcohol, pirated movies, weapons, illegal drugs, exotic and protected species of animals, and human organs needed for transplant surgeries, and now because of the socialists in the White house we will have an illegal market for air conditioners. Frankly, I don’t see how any of these people on the left graduated school. They sure as hell didn’t pay attention.”


Biden’s new “inflation” bill calls on government mandate plastic grass

Why will Biden force you to use plastic grass?

The EPA estimates that hour-for-hour, gasoline powered lawn mowers produce 11 times as much pollution as a new car. According to the EPA, each gas-powered lawn mower produces as much air pollution as 43 new automobiles driven 12,000 per year – lawn care produces 13 billion pounds of toxic pollutants per year.

Inflation Reduction Act Prevents Air Conditioners From Going Below 80 DegreesGreen campaigners forced Joe Biden to include and support mandate on artificial grass, saying that lawnmowers causes damage to the eco-system.

Artificial or plastic grass is turf made of synthetic fibres made to look like a football field. While it has often been used in sporting environments, it is being increasingly installed in a domestic setting, with residents aspiring for perfect grass with minimal maintenance.

However, opponents of Biden’s ultra-left environmental policies are only now learning about the mandate. Reasonable thinkers are now arguing that the man-made turf is having an impact on the environment, saying it ‘kills’ any sign of life that lies below it.

Howard Charlotte, a professional gardener, is among those calling for people to simply ignore “these lunatics in Washington.”  She told the JournoNews “The problem with plastic grass is that it basically kills anything beneath it. It’s literally a sheet of plastic. Any sign of life, any worms, any microorganisms, will have scarpered long ago.”

Showing the camera as she pulled up a piece of artificial turf to reveal the clay underneath, she continued: “We’re finally hitting soil. The soil that is here is really nasty clay. “All the air in this soil has been replaced by water. That means anything that you try and plant in here is really going to struggle.”

However, others argue that plastic grass offers a ‘practical’ solution to their climate woes.  Also speaking to the JournoNews, Hillary Abel explained how she has had artificial grass in her garden for the past eight years.  “I wouldn’t want to just lay this lawn because it’s an easy option,” she said.  “I’m doing it because I’ve tried growing the real thing and it doesn’t work. It just didn’t grow under the pear tree and in such a small space, this is a practical solution.”

Mabel Greene of Mabel Greene Artificial Lawns and a major contributor to the Democratic Party and other environmental charities also agrees that it is just an easy solution to global climate change.

“We’ve been going since 2010,” he said. “Our company has doubled and doubled and doubled. We’re at 20,000 square yards.  “There’s a demand for the product that wouldn’t be there if we didn’t need it.  There’s a conception that it’s lazy people that just don’t want to cut the grass – that really isn’t the case.”

Inflation Reduction Act Prevents Air Conditioners From Going Below 80 Degrees
Some say it offers a ‘practical’ solution

In a statement, White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre told JournoNews, “There are current plans to introduce a mandate on artificial grass. The government considers all environmental policy proposals as a good idea.”

Karine Jean-Pierre, added: “In future, developments which involve the laying of artificial grass at the expense of natural landscaping will be required to enhance biodiversity in other ways.”

JournoNews has reached out to the Texas A&M University to get a cost estimate and the scientific community for comment.

When they voted last week, did the Congress even know Biden is mandating plastic grass?

While the ideal of reading and understanding each bill as it is traveling through the legislative process appeals to citizens, journalists, and academics, the practicalities of contemporary legislatures do not allow such fantasies to come to fruition.  The antiquated Schoolhouse Rock! “I’m Just a Bill” notion of the federal legislative process has been excoriated by academics. Modern legislatures, and Congress in particular, are complex lawmaking arenas in which legislators have a finite amount of time from one issue to the next, and in which legislation does not neatly travel from one stage to the next.  The reading and understanding of legislation by all members of a legislative body is not now, and has never been, an essential part of lawmaking.