Is is an election years scam or straight out theft of your bank account?

New Law has literally has nothing to do with reducing inflation!

The Inflation Reduction Act? I call it the Election Seduction Act

Congratulations to the Democratic Party on a monumental achievement; you’ve given us 87,000 new IRS agents. I’m sure your mothers are very proud of you, or on the other hand, you may not be welcome at home again.

Inflation Reduction Act
Inflation Reduction Act

I understand the need to posture like you did something, with an election looming, but 87,000 new IRS agents?  We now are going to have as many IRS agents as we do United States Marines.

If you love getting audited, pay attention. Democrats will be sending an army of IRS goons after your bank account after giving them $80 billion to ramp up enforcement. The Democrats think they’re pretty clever by calling the bill the Inflation Reduction Act, but even Senator Bernie Sanders can see through that charade. It will in fact have a minimal impact on inflation.

The idea is to remove more of the public’s money, right in the middle of a recession and with inflation at 9.1% the Democrats are about as concerned as the Queen of England.

The 87,000 new employees will be hunting for taxes from people making less than $200,000; ninety per cent of the new audits will be on these middle-class families. It’s a lot of us. It’s not the billionaires or even the millionaires. It’s literally middle-income families, low-income families and entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs are trying to figure out how to keep their employees working and invest in the future of their business.

Inflation Reduction Act and national politics

Political scientists started talking about this months and months ago; would Democrats try to ram through one last bill right before they were going to lose control of the House? Maybe they’ll lose the Senate. Well, they did it; they spent nearly $800 billion and they will leave the country worse off. They’re raising taxes on many different small businesses during a recession, many different businesses.

Also, they are spending $740 billion; that will only add the inflationary pressure, not that the left-leaning socialist economists have gotten very much right.

Spending bills are now like cell phone plans, so they padded it with so many options and directions and false flags that you can’t possibly follow them. So you can’t buy anything because you can’t figure out what’s the better cell phone plan. You can’t figure out if this plan is good or if it’s bad. But they wear you down. I don’t believe this law passed I think the Democratic party leadership just wore the Senators down.

Orwellian Inflation Reduction Act

Inflation Reduction Act
Inflation Reduction Act

Just look at the name of the bill, soon to be law, the Inflation Reduction Act; that’s about as Orwellian as it gets. Naming a bill, exactly opposite of its effect would certainly qualify as “newspeak,” no? The inflation Reduction Act will actually add a massive amount of inflationary pressure to our country’s economy. This was the worst possible thing that Democrats could have done in the summer before an election for the nation.

So of course, they included paying off their constituents on the green energy side of things, they like that one. There’s close to $100 billion of straight-up taxpayer cash for windmills, solar panels, and carbon-credit programs.

The Inflation Reduction Act? I call it the Election Seduction Act, yeah, literally has nothing to do with reducing inflation. It taxes a bit more than it spends so it slightly will reduce the supply of money. But Bernie Sanders, Tim Scott and Ted Cruz have mocked the act as NOT helping with inflation; those guys all on the same side, that tells you something.

It’s like whenever a con man has aliases, that’s a tip-off. This Bill has changed its name more times than the capital of Kazakhstan, right? The capital of Kazakhstan. It’s Astana now. But it was Aqmola, Akmola, Tselinograd, but way back it was called Akmolinsk. Same with this new law It was inflation and it was the climate, then it was healthcare, and then it was tax policy. The Senate parliamentarian has has a stroke trying to keep up with the changes. It’s had more face changes than Sharon Osborne.

So that’s all snuck into this. You just never know when they want your money for so-called “green energy investments.” Only it’s not your investment; you won’t get a dime back when eventually (about 2060) when the petroleum industry is replaced with the renewable and electric car industry. What they are doing is spending the money of the American people on stuff that is inefficient, unnecessary and favours the socialist green ideology.

What are the flaws of the Inflation Reduction Act?

This law was written by lawyers and a few accountants. I would say we need more mechanics. We need more plumbers in politics. Fewer attorneys, because attorneys take the simplest thing (math), and then they layer it with complexity. So it keeps their lawyer friends busy.

Inflation Reduction Act
Inflation Reduction Act

They’re also falsely claiming the new law will bring down prescription drug prices as a means of trying to trick seniors from voting them out of office. Remember seniors, a lot of them, are on fixed income and so inflation really hurts them because their fixed income isn’t going to keep up with the inflation. It’s a lie, but they’re trying to say it’s a major giveaway to seniors. That will make them think I guess, but when the benefits aren’t realized… well some of them should be pissed.

Most scary it’s a huge expansion of the IRS and I notice a bunch of morons online, the quislings the Marx and Engles, on social media saying, “Well, if you’re gonna worry about the IRS maybe you should just pay your taxes.” It sounds like the left doesn’t think the right pays their fair share of taxes. Oddly the right does pay taxes because they work; the left honestly can’t say that. A lot of these posts seem to be bots. How could a human, even a person living in Brooklyn and DC, not realize that the tax code is effectively tens of thousands of pages with the vagueness and everything else? A human would know it’s muddy on purpose; it is meant to keep you in perpetual fear because you never know what they claim you owe, not the exact number. You don’t know what you owe until after you’ve paid and if you pay the wrong amount maybe they’ll just give you a fine; maybe they’ll send you to prison.

Try to picture 85,000 new IRS agents; the IRS will now have more employees than the Pentagon, the state department, the FBI and border control, combined! We’re talking about over doubling the number of IRS agents. This is important because they say we need these new IRS agents to only audit companies and individuals with income of $200,000 or more. It’s the first shot fired on the cash economy, the gig economy and the people who work for small amounts of cash and are paid through Paypal, Cashapp, or another financial transaction company.

How will the Inflation Reduction Act affect me?

Inflation Reduction Act
Inflation Reduction Act

They’re not just gonna go after billionaires. They’re only around 700 billionaires in the United States and the vast majority of those billionaires have incredible tax attorneys and accountants and they’re already spending millions of dollars to make sure that they’re following all of the tax laws. I believe what’s gonna unfortunately happen is we’re gonna have so many people out there that don’t have large incomes or enough to pay sophisticated lawyers and accountants, that they’re gonna get letters in the mail. That’s how you know the IRS wants to audit you; these middle-class people don’t have enough money to fight these new IRS audits. The IRS will just randomly demand $5000 or $10,000 or more maybe, and normal everyday people will face spending thousands of dollars to defend themselves, even if they didn’t do anything that’s wrong. Or, they will just pay the ransom demand. They’ll just pay if it’s less than hiring a lawyer.

It’s a huge lie that Democrats have engaged all these agents that “we’re just gonna tax the rich people.” There’s not enough money taxing the rich to even put a dent in what the socialists want to do. Even have I mean truly rich people there’s not enough money to pay for their agenda for more than a couple of months and that’s if you took all their money.

If you could take the money from the billionaires it wouldn’t last very long and I mean seized their assets, I don’t even mean raise their tax rate 2%. So where does the real money needed for change come from?

The real money will come from these random IRS audit letters, $5,000, $6,000, $10,000 grand. These letters will demand additional taxes from people making $40,000 $50,000 or $80,000 and that’s millions and millions of working people. There’s gonna be millions of audits, not really audits, but demands. The government will basically become a mafia type or organization; that’s why they need 85 thousand additional IRS agents. Left-wing employees of the federal government will be coming after you. Everyone can expect to be audited every year.

Has anyone warned us before about this pie in the sky bullshit?

What they never want people to understand is where the real money is. Everyone needs to read Frédéric Bastiat, The Law. The Frenchman wrote that the great fiction of the statist is that everyone can live at the expense of everyone. The biggest lie is that everyone’s gonna get taxed and then everyone’s gonna get stuff and they won’t have to pay for it. Right, that’s what the left promises.

We’re talking about doubling the number of IRS agents. I mean this is a big college football stadium full of data-entry IRS agents and the socialist politicians have sold this expansion to each other by saying, “Oh we’re gonna make so much more money as a result of all these IRS agents because we’re gonna catch so many more people cheating on their taxes.”

I just don’t believe that’s true. Most people work and live from perfectly traceable income. They’re not just auditing high-income people anymore. In the future, they will be auditing you.

Clay Travis, a conservative talk radio host, told me yesterday, “One of the first things I was told when I took this show, this job, they said expect to get audited every year for the rest of your life. They said you’re not so interesting, you’ve been in sports talk radio, but not you’re stepping into Rush Limbaugh’s time slot. They said you’re going to be saying a lot of things that many people in high positions of the government don’t like so you’ll be persecuted. Now it’s not so unique, EVERYONE will be persecuted by the IRS.”

This law sets a bad precedent

This law sets a bad precedent. The fact that they’re adding all these IRS agents shows you that this is a feedback loop.  It’s how they pay for their visions. So 1/2 of the bill is the dreams, right? The fantasies they want to spend on one side and one the other half robs the people to pay for it. So it’s like a never-ending system. It’s a configuration that could go on forever. Anytime you need to put more money in, you just hire more IRS agents and then you go, well, see, it’s gonna be paid for it because we can just hire these IRS guys. It’s a feedback loop, that candy. And it’s like the mayor of a city that’s going broke sending out the traffic cops to write tickets and bring in revenue. Sickening and if the Democrats think they are going to win the midterm by siccing the IRS dogs on the people, they’re delusional.