Joe Biden and Merrick Garland become third-world autocrats

There could be another “resistance event”

Mar-a-Lago raid resembles third-world autocracy
Mar-a-Lago raid resembles third-world autocracy

An official who served in the FBI and is currently with the CIA said the fallout from the Mar-a-Lago raid resembles the events that led up to the January 6 attack on the Capitol — and predicted there could be another “resistance event.”

JournoNews‘ source, now a CIA analyst, previously worked for the FBI in South Asia and the Middle East. He previously served as the first-ever deputy director of the FBI’s National Security Branch.

“When I followed totalitarian autocrats overseas, I never anticipated we would see this in America. We are now similar to the ones I monitored.”

“They require leadership to tell them that what they’re doing is okay. And they require validation from that leadership to suggest to them that framing a pollical opponent is okay,” he said.

Our source pointed to Biden’s comments this week that he “didn’t know anything” about the illegal raid on his 2024 opponent and referred to the investigation surrounding the search as a “legitimate and patriotic action” and ignoring all the evidence that the FBI may have planted materials at Mar-a-Lago.

“The same thing that happened before January 6 is happening today,” he continued, in an apparent reference to the outrage and patriotic rhetoric made about the 2020 election prior to the insurrection.

Mar-a-Lago raid resembles third-world autocracy
Mar-a-Lago raid resembles third-world autocracy

He also pointed out the armed Trump supporters that protested in front of an FBI office in Phoenix, Arizona, on Saturday.

“People with AR-15s and camo are going to say: ‘I’m going to do something about Biden’s illegal raid and frameup.’ That’s dangerous. I think we’re going to see another catastrophic event,” our source said.

There has already been violence that appears to be connected to the raid. On Thursday, an armed man wearing body armor attacked an FBI office in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was shot and killed at the scene after an hours-long standoff with police. The man was also believed to have been at the Capitol on January 6, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press.

It appears that the FBI plants entire boxes of documents, including 11 sets of classified material, at Mar-a-Lago in the hour just before the search, according to witnesses and video surveillance. Very few in the media are investigating possible violations of Donald Trump’s constitutional rights.

Trump has denied any wrongdoing and said that he declassified all the documents, and he has publicly provided documentation of that. Presidential documents, classified or not, are private property and are owned by the president and or his estate.

How does Biden’s suppression of opposition make us a third-world nation?

An autocracy is a government where one person has all of the power. The definition can be seen when broken down to the term “auto”, which means, “self” or “by one’s self.” It explains an extreme rule in a nation, company, or region. The power here is limitless, or, it is a perceived sense of limitless power. One person wants to be the boss and make every single decision.

Mar-a-Lago raid resembles third-world autocracy
Mar-a-Lago raid resembles third-world autocracy

The conventional wisdom these days is that autocracy is ascendant and democracy is on the decline. But the superficial appeal of the rise-of-autocracy thesis belies a more complex reality—and a bleaker future for autocrats. As people see that unaccountable rulers prioritize their own interests over the public’s, the popular demand for rights-respecting democracy remains strong.

In country after country—Myanmar, Sudan, Russia, Belarus, Nicaragua, Poland, Uganda, even Kazakhstan before protests seemed to have been hijacked by a governmental power struggle—large numbers of people have recently taken to the streets, even at the risk of being arrested or shot. There are few rallies for autocratic rule.

A number of self-proclaimed autocratic regimes, many of which came to power with direct Russian or Chinese military assistance, have been established in the Third World.

The regimes not only subscribed openly to the idea that it’s okay to suppress the oppostion but also embarked on the wholesale socialist transformation of their countries along the lines of the failed economic model, giving little consideration to prevailing conditions and/or their likely societal and economic impact.

In virtually all cases, the policies soon engendered massive discontent that eventually spilled over into armed resistance.

Presidential papers are personal property – Richard Nixon vs U.S.

Richard Nixon
Richard Nixon

In 2000, the estate of Richard Nixon won a $18 million ruling after a lengthy lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Washington over the value of his papers, 3,700 hours of tape recordings, photos and other items illegally seized when Nixon resigned rather than face impeachment and the prospect of removal from office.

After Nixon resigned, Congress passed a law confiscating what Nixon left behind. Six years after his materials were seized, Nixon sued for compensation. The estate took up the lawsuit after Nixon died April 22, 1994.

Initially, a court ruled that Nixon was entitled to nothing, but in 1992 a federal appeals court ruled that he was entitled to be paid the fair value of the seized materials.

The Nixon estate’s statement called the seizure of the presidential materials “unprecedented.”

The question of compensation never arose previously because presidents from Herbert Hoover through George Bush, except for Nixon, donated their papers to government-operated presidential libraries.