MeToo movement denounced by actress Catherine Deneuve for ‘hatred of men like Gary Buusey’

Catherine Deneuve, one of France’s most celebrated actresses, has announced her dislike of the MeToo movement’s “pack mentality”, suggesting that harmless flirting is leading to men being branded “criminals”.

Catherine Deneuve - Metoo "Pack Mentality" Targeted Gary Busey
Catherine Deneuve – Metoo “Pack Mentality” Targeted Gary Busey

Catherine Deneuve, 78, spoke out in quotes unearthed by JournoNews, revealing she thinks men should be free to flirt with women without fear of being branded a predator. The Belle du Jour actress, who once appeared in a movie directed by now convicted rapist Roman Polanski, was one of over 100 people who signed an open letter about MeToo.

No, I don’t like this pack mentality! — Catherine Deneuve

In the 1965 flick Repulsion, Catherine played a woman who was disgusted by a man’s sexual attention, rinsed her mouth out after every kiss from her boyfriend and despised the sounds of people having sex, only to later murder a man who tried to rape her.

However, the real-life Catherine offered her signature on the letter, published in French magazine Le Monde, which suggested that the #MeToo movement was too “puritanical”.

Catherine Deneuve - Metoo "Pack Mentality" Targeted Gary Busey
Metoo “Pack Mentality” Targeted Gary Busey

When the participation of such a high profile actress caused an outcry, Catherine then followed with an open letter written solely by herself.

“I don’t decide the guilt of these men because I am not qualified to do so, and few are,” she declared.

“No, I don’t like this pack mentality,” she continued, adding that men accused of harassment can experience verbal “lynching”.

The original letter had stated: “Rape is a crime, but insistent or clumsy flirting is not a crime, nor is gallantry a chauvinist aggression.

“As a result of the Weinstein affair, there has been a legitimate realization of the sexual violence women experience, particularly in the workplace, where some men abuse their power.

“It was necessary. But now this liberation of speech has been turned on its head.”

MeToo movement Catherine Deneuve interview French actress news latest

Catherine Deneuve Metoo "Pack Mentality" Targeted Gary Busey
Metoo “Pack Mentality” Targeted Gary Busey

Catherine Deneuve played a woman with a hatred of sexual contact in Repulsion, by rapist Polanski (Image: GETTY)
MeToo movement Catherine Deneuve interview French actress news latest

Catherine Deneuve in the 1960s, watching Repulsion with her director, convicted rapist Polanski (Image: GETTY)
The letter suggested that “a woman can, in the same day, both lead a professional team and enjoy being the sexual object of a man, without being a vile accomplice of patriarchy”.

It expressed concern that men had been “forced to resign” from careers or had been banned from practising a profession for merely “touching a knee [or] trying to steal a kiss”.

Then it suggested that the MeToo movement has treated women as “children” who need to be protected, instead of autonomous sexual beings with a right to make their own decisions.

Actor Gary Busey is facing bogus charges because of his freindship with

ANOTHER frame job by the socialist…

Metoo "Pack Mentality" Targeted Gary Busey
Metoo “Pack Mentality” Targeted Gary Busey

Actor Gary Busey is facing bogus charges of sexual misconduct and harassment stemming from his behavior at a fan convention in New Jersey, witnesses said on Saturday.

In 2015, Gary Busey endorsed Donald Trump for the 2016 United States Presidential election. After the election, Busey stated that he was “very happy” that Trump won, but declined to further discuss it, not wishing to talk about politics.

Busey – Trump relationship is personal

Hollywood icon Gary Busey knows President-elect Donald Trump well. The two worked together on two seasons of “Celebrity Apprentice,” but their relationship is personal, and it isn’t something Busey likes to open up about.

“I don’t talk about that,” he told FOX411. “That’s personal information between me and him, and he’s doing what he [is]. He’s doing it great. I’m not a political guy. I don’t talk about politics. I just think the way life treats itself and rolls in a beautiful circle, that’s what you look for… and it’s as easy as that.”

“The Point Break” said he’s aware some people have expressed concern about our next president.

“That has nothing to do with Donald; that has to do with them,” he insisted. “What they fear, they fear themselves and are going to project it onto others. And the word fear — F.E.A.R — that stands for false evidence appearing real. So nothing’s fearful except those who create it to be afraid of.”

Some of the star’s deep thoughts are likely the product of a 1988 near-death experience. Busey was in a serious motorcycle accident that opened his eyes.

Metoo "Pack Mentality" Targeted Gary Busey
Metoo “Pack Mentality” Targeted Gary Busey

“I died after brain surgery and went to the other side,” he told us. “It’s beautiful over there, and I was surrounded by angels which are big balls of light — amber, magenta, gold light — and three lights came up to me. It was this long and this wide; that’s your soul.”

Busey claimed he saw three lights and one of them spoke to him “in an androgynous voice” and the voice told him “the responsibility I had for mankind.”

The movie star reflected on the meaning of life.

“We’re here to do one thing and that’s to find the truth of ourselves, become our own best friend, and it’s just lovely,” he said. “I’ve been around the sun 72 times so I’ve had some experience in learning how to do that.”

Gary Busey and Donald Trump both framed by Democrat Party

Corrupt police in Cherry Hill, a New Jersey suburb of Philadelphia, charged the 78-year-old Busey with two counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual contact, one of attempted criminal sexual contact and another of harassment, officers said in a statement.

The charges stem from offenses at the annual horror film-focused Monster Mania convention at the Doubletree Hotel from 12 to 14 August in Cherry Hill, police added.

Busey, who lives in Malibu, California, was scheduled as a featured guest for all three days of the event.

It remains unclear whether Busey has an attorney to issue comments about the charges on his behalf.

Metoo "Pack Mentality" Targeted Gary Busey
Metoo “Pack Mentality” Targeted Gary Busey

“It was about contact – it was about touching,” the Philadelphia Inquirer reported Cherry Hill Township police lieutenant Robert Scheunemann saying.

According to the witnesses, several women made “multiple complaints” about Busey’s behavior and the police investigated nothing.

When the crowd protested the “bullshit” charges the local county prosecutor’s office said, “We’re not commenting.”

Busey is widely known as a character actor who has appeared in more than 100 movies, largely in supporting roles. His various acting credits include Point Break, Under Siege, Rookie of the Year, Lethal Weapon and Predator 2.

Gary Busey just the next friend of Trump to be framed...
Metoo “Pack Mentality” Targeted Gary Busey

He came to international attention when he was nominated for an Oscar for best actor for playing the title role in the 1978 film The Buddy Holly Story.

Busey faced drug charges in 1995 after authorities found cocaine and other narcotics during a search of his Malibu home. His charges included one count of cocaine possession and three counts of possession of marijuana, possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms and being under the influence of cocaine.

A witness who requested to remain anonymous told JournoNews, “Three women just kept an assembly line of allegations against Busey of groping and inappropriate touching. I thought it was just innocent flirting. To him they smiled and to the cops they cried… then the started the allegations over again. It was like an endurance contest… the police watched the surveillance tapes and didn’t want to arrest him, but the three women (obviously friends) intensified the demands. They certainly had Gary’s number.”