Crazy mother demands Greg Abbot govern in the best interest of her and her child

Texas woman proves what’s wrong with socialism

Socialist mothers feel entitled to special treatment

Mothers Against Greg Abbott has grown into a potent political force in the governor’s race, with a membership of over 50,000 robots on Facebook. The group recently caught more attention after releasing ads that have gone viral on socialist media.

Austin mother could be the most deranged in Texas history…

Mothers Against Greg Abbott
Mothers Against Greg Abbott

Single mothers active in politics but uneducated..

Texas political science professor Emil Ficker told JournoNews, “Many of these single mothers have spent their entire adult life spending there men’s money (and I mean men, plural), and when they have kids that morph into an entitled, self-absorbed and vapid women. They typically blew through her inheritance with no regard for future needs, they always figure another man will come along,, but with a kid that’s probably not gong to happen. They’ve miscalculated. So they move into politics and until they figure it out that the politicians are lying , it satisfies their sense of entitlement. These women wants to make friends, so they will say and do almost anything the political party or the candidate wants them to say. But the problem is that they thinks they’re better than everyone. They criticize people’s dress and perceived socialist status and cancel everyone not 80% committed to Lenin nd Marx. Although they look happy and energetic they enter a stage of denial. In Texas, you can pick this type out out the night after an election; she’ll be the one crying, unbelieving the ignorance of her neighbors but still making irrational demands.