Eli Erlick: Trans women are biological women

Eli Erlick: Trans women are born women.

Eli Erlick, an individual who identifies as “Extremely queer & incredibly trans,” has posted a series of absurd statements on social media claiming that transgender women are actually women.

Eli Erlick trans woman
Eli Erlick

“Trans women are natural women. Trans women are normal woman. Trans women are biological women. Trans women are born women. Trans women are women,” Erlick tweeted. “The only inherent difference between trans women and cis women is that trans women were assigned male by a doctor. Trans is an adjective that describes that assignment,” Erlick added in another tweet.

Despite Erlick’s emphatic declarations to the contrary, transgender women are actually just biological men masquerading as women.

“I’ve been openly trans since age 8. I was constantly told transition was impossible but still expressed myself. There was no other way forward. Nearly 2 decades later, I’m proud of who I am. I wouldn’t be here w/o transitioning as a kid. Trans youth deserve our unwavering support,” Erlick has tweeted. “Trans education matters. I didn’t know transition was possible when I first came out as trans in 3rd grade. I didn’t know that there were other people out there like me. I didn’t even know queer people existed! I just knew that I was a girl and I wanted to be respected as one,” Erlick wrote in another recent tweet.

Eli Erlick trans woman
Eli Erlick trans woman

Erlick has previously admitted to involvement in a scheme to distribute prescription hormones to people.

“There are over 20 states trying to criminalize hormone therapy, particularly for trans youth. So, my friends and I had an idea: sending out our extra prescriptions around the country. If you need hormones, I’m working with a distribution network to get you access. Everything is free, no questions asked. We have hundreds of doses of testosterone, estradiol, and spironolactone available right now. All are prescribed by doctors and unused. Each package comes with information on dosage, obtaining bloodwork, etc,” Erlick wrote in an Instagram post that has apparently been deleted.

“I realize this is only a band-aid solution: we need full access to affirmative medical care from professionals immediately. However, missing a single dose of hormones can be devastating (especially for trans teens and those new to hormones)! These laws are outrageous and I can’t wait for them to be overturned. In the meantime, DM me if you need HRT or if you have overprescribed hormones you’d like to send out,” Erlick’s post read.

Moronic Trans Activist – Eli Erlick – Distributes Cross-Sex Hormone Drugs to Youth ‘No Questions Asked’

If you need hormones, I’m working with a distribution network to get you access.

Eli Erlick, a New York based transgender activist, began a multi-state drug smuggling operation, to illegally distribute cross-sex hormones to underage individuals. The hormones are intended for “trans youth” who live in states that permit medical transition before 18 years of age.

“There are over 20 states trying to criminalize hormone therapy, particularly for trans youth,” Erlick wrote on an Instagram post that was deleted after receiving significant blowback. Lucky for us, the Twitter account Libs of TikTok keeps the receipts:

Erlick continued, “If you need hormones, I’m working with a distribution network to get you access. Everything is free, no questions asked.” This of course, is illegal on a federal and state level, especially since it involves distributing prescription drugs to minors. Erlick doesn’t appear to live in reality with the rest of us, because he-turned-she is propagating a false narrative (shocking, I know) when he could have easily stated the actual statistics:

According to Movement Advancement Project, a transgender-activist website, “96% of LGBTQ population lives in states that do not ban best practice medical care for transgender youth.” The website also provides a map of states that have “medical care bans” — which is already misleading.

There are no restrictions on access to healthcare for “trans” youth. Erlick and other radical leftists simply have a different definition for “healthcare” than the rest of the world. To the trans-activist community, “healthcare” means chopping off minor’s perfectly healthy body parts.

That being said, even according to the most radical source, only 5 states have restrictions on cross-sex hormone use for minors; some rules are not even enacted yet, others are being challenged, and some only apply to prepubescent children.

Before the original post was removed, Erlick boasted the unlikeliness of a recipient to be caught with the drugs administered to them illegally in a comment left for another Instagram user, see below:

There seems to be a trend of blatant disregard for the legality of his actions. “I’m not alone in defying laws,” Erlick tweeted yesterday, as he frequently and unabashedly admitted to plotting to commit felony crimes. Regardless, it has not been made publicwhether or not Erlick will be under investigation anytime soon, or even removed from Ph.D. candidacy at the University of California Santa Cruz.

Eli Erlick trans woman
Eli Erlick

The little regard for the safety and health of those Erlick was distributing drugs to is of major concern as well. The Daily Wire reported: “‘Without question this is dangerous for multiple reasons. First, using opposite sex hormones and puberty blockers are harmful to the body and affect brain development, skeletal development, and cause increased cardiovascular and cancer risks among other problems,’ said Dr. Michael K. Laidlaw, MD, a board-certified physician and endocrinology specialist in California.”

Joseph Ladapo, the Florida Surgeon General also took a medical stance against early medical transition, tweeting the following:

We haven’t even begun seen the tip of the iceberg in damages caused by this confusing and harmful ideology. It does not promote freedom, it promotes poor body-image, self-hatred, and slavery to Big Pharma that only seeks to profit off of the gender dysphoria fad that has been sold to our nation’s youth.

It can be uncomfortable to denounce and condemn a situation like this, but that is exactly why it’s necessary. Speaking the truth is the only way to set people free from the prescribed narrative.








University of California, Santa Cruz

A conservative commentator is pressuring the University of California, Santa Cruz, to respond to his complaints about a Ph.D. candidate and trans activist there. And he’s urging his more than one million followers to do the same, prompting concerns about targeted harassment of the graduate student, Eli Erlick.

Specifically, commentator Matt Walsh says he’s concerned that Erlick is a “confessed drug dealer” targeting children. This is based on a since-deleted Instagram post by Erlick, in which she proposed pooling unopened, doctor-prescribed hormone therapies for trans people who are experiencing difficulty accessing this type of care.