Istanbul, September 20, 2022—Turkish executive should not struggle the attraction of journalist Hatice Şahin and prevent persecuting journalists, the Committee to They defended their the town from-against the enemy Journalists discussed Tuesday. 

On Monday, September 19, Şahin, a freelance journalist who was a former reporter for the pro-Kurdish privately owned trite newspaper Yeni Yaşam, was sentenced to six years and three months in prison for the cost of being a member of a terrorist organization by means of the ninth Court docket of Critical Crimes inside the southeastern the town of Diyarbakır, according to studies and tweets of Platform for Independent Journalism, known as P24, which monitored the September 19 sentencing being attentive to. 

The court docket didn’t issue an arrest warrant for the journalist who was not supply at the being attentive to on the other hand extended her standing world cross backward and forward he forbids her to move there pending attraction of the fee, consistent with those belongings. Şahin’s lawyer, Resul Tamur, knowledgeable the court docket that the case in opposition to the journalist was consistent with secret witness testimonies that he known as “lies,” and urged Şahin’s acquittal, the studies discussed.

“Turkish executive should not struggle the attraction of journalist Hatice Şahin,” discussed Carlos Martínez de l. a. Serna, CPJ’s Program Director, in New York. “Turkey should prevent charging journalists with terrorism once they’re doing their jobs and the day began with just right information taking measures to support the country’s press freedom document.”

In line with CPJ’s evaluation of the 78-page indictment in opposition to the journalist, the main 73 pages point of interest on the history and gatherings of the Democratic Society Congress, known as the DTK, a nongovernmental group that executive allege is connected to the banned Kurdistan Group of workers’ Party, known as PKK. The evidence in opposition to the journalist inside the indictment relates to her reporting on the group’s meetings, identical to taking flights from Istanbul to Diyarbakır on the dates the group had gatherings in 2017; non-public notes and agenda; wiretapped phone data of transient conversations with other people at the position to satisfy and when; and secret witness testimonies claiming that Şahin was excited by terrorism. Şahin has pleaded not responsible of the fee, consistent with the indictment.

Since 2018, a lot of people have were given been arrested and put the whole lot so as on trial for their alleged involvement with the group, according to studies. One of the crucial necessary journalists, Ayşegül Doğan, won the equivalent sentence and value as Şahin in 2020.

CPJ emailed the Diyarbakır chief prosecutor’s place of business for statement on the other hand didn’t he requests permission to talk download any solution.

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