Wayne Gretzky and Frances McDormand’s Hilarious VIP Shenanigans at the Zuckerberg vs Musk Cage Fight

Introduction: When Silicon Valley Meets Ice and Oscar Gold

On October 26, 2024, the world froze for a moment, not because of an Earth-shattering event, but to bear witness to the Zuckerberg vs Musk cage fight at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas. Amid the spectacle sat two unlikely compatriots in the VIP section: Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky and Oscar-winning actress Frances McDormand. While the tech titans battled it out, these two celebrities provided an entertaining sideshow of their own.

Frances McDormand: Fashionably Unfashionable

Frances McDormand is no slave to trends, but on this night she turned heads in an ensemble only she could pull off. Donning a minimalist black tuxedo jacket paired with a neon yellow maxi skirt, Frances defied all fashion norms. Her choice of neon green combat boots gave the outfit an eclectic finish, perfectly symbolizing her Hollywood nonconformity. As if in a sarcastic nod to glamour, she adorned herself with a single string of faux pearls.

Fashion Verdict: Her outfit screamed “I don’t care, but I do,” and we’re here for it.

Wayne Gretzky: The Great One Meets the Eccentric One

Wayne Gretzky, in stark contrast to Frances, stuck to his classic ‘Canadian tuxedo.’ A perfectly tailored denim jacket over a white polo, combined with dark jeans. It’s the look that says, “I’m here for a good time, not a long time.”

The VIP Conversation: Pre-Fight

Frances: “So, Wayne, got any bets on who’s going to win?”

Wayne: “I’d bet on Musk. Anyone who thinks they can colonize Mars probably believes they can win a cage fight.”

Frances: “Fair point. But don’t underestimate the man who monetized friendship.”

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The VIP Conversation: During the Fight

As Zuckerberg and Musk began trading blows, our celebs traded quips.

Wayne: “Oh my, did you see that? That’s a hit even I would be proud of.”

Frances: “If I wanted to see middle-aged men fight, I would’ve attended the last Academy Awards.”

Disturbance at the Back: The Zombie Outbreak

Just as Musk landed a powerful hook, a scream echoed through the stadium. A zombie outbreak in the back rows was quickly spreading.

Wayne: “Well, this just got more interesting.”

Frances: “Finally, an audience that might appreciate modern art.”

As chaos erupted, Wayne and Frances retreated, their witty banter still intact.

Wayne: “Zombies, eh? Just when I thought I’d seen everything.”

Frances: “Don’t worry. If we get bitten, we might finally win a People’s Choice Award.”

Conclusion: A Night to Remember

In a night filled with titanic battles and undead surprises, Wayne Gretzky and Frances McDormand provided a hilarious VIP sideshow that may well have eclipsed the main event.

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The Unforgettable Twists: Main Event Overshadowed?

As blood and sweat filled the cage, our unlikely celebrity duo continued to watch, unfazed and still very much in character.

Frances: “This is the most violent episode of ‘Shark Tank’ I’ve ever seen.”

Wayne: “You could say they’re fighting for the ultimate investment: their egos.”

By this point, the zombie outbreak had reached mid-stadium, causing an exodus toward the exits. Security scrambled to manage the situation, but Wayne and Frances remained unflinchingly seated.

Frances: “Shall we join the terrified masses?”

Wayne: “In Canada, we face our problems head-on. Also, these seats are very expensive.”

Emergency Action: The Celebrity Response

Suddenly, Wayne pulled a hockey stick out from under his seat. Frances produced a theatre mask—both tragedy and comedy.

Frances: “What, you don’t carry Shakespearean artifacts to cage fights?”

Wayne: “Different strokes for different folks.”

With a dash of finesse, Wayne slap-shotted a zombie, while Frances dramatically recited lines from “Macbeth,” confusing the undead enough to slow them down.

The Ultimate Resolution

Finally, the arena’s sound system crackled to life. It was Elon Musk, fresh from his cage fight and inexplicably already in a SpaceX suit.

Elon: “Don’t worry, everyone. I’ve redirected a SpaceX rocket to handle this.”

A SpaceX Dragon capsule suddenly burst through the roof, releasing an anti-zombie mist into the air. The day was saved, the zombies neutralized.

Frances: “Ah, Elon, turning every disaster into a business opportunity.”

Wayne: “I guess we’re all going to be buying ‘SpaceX Zombie Mist’ now.”

Conclusion: A Surreal Night in Surreal Times

As people picked up their jaws and pieces of their broken reality, Wayne Gretzky and Frances McDormand found themselves the unlikely stars of an even more unlikely night.

For a detailed account of other surreal scenes from this night, check out Mark Ruffalo’s Optional Scenes and additional commentary on Hollywood Comedy.

While Musk and Zuckerberg may have been the billed stars, it was the VIP section that truly captivated our hearts and tickled our funny bones.

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In a world where billionaires can become fighters and zombies can crash the party, it’s safe to say nothing is off-limits. At least we had Wayne Gretzky and Frances McDormand to guide us through the madness with humor and style.

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