Queen Elisabeth needed something out of a bank in 1971, so she called MI-5

Joe Biden needed something out of Donald Trump’s safe in 2022, so he called the FBI

What did Joe Biden need so badly he would send the FBI to steal from Donald Trump?

What did Joe Biden need so badly he would send the FBI to steal from Donald Trump?
What did Joe Biden need so badly he would send the FBI to steal from Donald Trump?

In 1971, gang of burglars used highly sophisticated equipment to tunnel 40 feet into a Baker Street bank in London. The value of the property stolen is unknown, but was likely to have included compromising sexual photos of the Queen’s sister, the late Princess Margaret. Sure there were several million in cash and jewelry, but what really interested people was the possibility that it was the government who recruited and supplied the burglars. Perhaps a deal was made that the government would allow the gang to keep the loot, if they returned the photos.

This might be what happened when the FBI raided President Trump’s home in Florida yesterday. Not that there were compromising photos of Joe Biden’s son in the safe; I doubt anyone cares given Hunter has pretty much been exposed as a drug and sex addict. The entire world knows about that. However, something was in that safe. The FBI typically doesn’t break into safes without a good reason. Whatever was taken from President Trump has probably been destroyed.

Watergate? Again?

I’m asking myself why would Donald Trump bring up the 1970s Watergate scandal in his statement?  President Trump said, “What is the difference between this and Watergate, where operatives broke into the Democrat National Committee? Here, in reverse, Democrats broke into the home of the 45th President of the United States.”

The answer to that is he feels preyed upon and stolen from. And he’s hinting he’d like it go in the same direction Watergate went. America was shocked and outraged over the Watergate scandal; it will be interesting to discover just how much American has changed in nearly 50 years. Do we still have the stuff to preserve democracy and the rule of law?

A Biden vs Trump dispute over the Presidential Records Act? Not likely!

What did Joe Biden need so badly he would send the FBI to steal from Donald Trump?
What did Joe Biden need so badly he would send the FBI to steal from Donald Trump?

So there has been a dispute over the Presidential Records Act, which is what we’re told this is all about.  I assume there’s a chance that maybe classified documents were taken. But men don’t fight like this over minuscule things like library papers. There must be something very seriously at stake. And search warrants and this power politics isn’t played this way, there is a subpoena issued before any warrant is issued. That’s the way this should have been done, through lawyers and subpoenas. But it wasn’t. Whatever it was Trump was NOT going to return it so the Biden people needed to get it another way.

But I can’t help pointing out that it’s not about the Presidential Records Act of 1978, which is far from a model of clarity, and in fact, it’s one of the more opaque laws you’ll ever read. One of the reasons that we know that this FBI raid is NOT about presidential record is that the law gives discretion and authority to the president to decide what constitutes presidential papers. If he says the papers are his, then they are his property.  He may identify, exclude, and dispose of presidential papers. And many of Mr. Trump’s enemies point out the allegedly “classified” nature of some of the documents identified by the National Archives. The National Archives are not a competent agency to recognize classified documents. They are a library and the President at the time the documents are produced is the final ultimate authority in classifying or declassifying documents. The law is very clear; the president may do so with a wave of his hand, without notification to the National Archives. So its impossible to ever convict a president or former president.

White House burn bag
Why do that have White House burn bags, if you’re not supposed to use them?

The nation should be weary of being lied to about the Presidential Records Act. Any law but especially this law in the case of political rivals, could easily be used as a political weapon. This isn’t a banana republic (yet) and hopefully the population is sophisticated enough to know when someone is lying.

There already has been quite a lot of lying on the part of the media. The Washington Post wrongly reported that Mr. Trump frequently violated the the Presidential Records Act, by placing top secret documents in “burn bags.” These bags have been staple in the White House; I received my Ph.D. in 1991 and I remember various professors speaking about them, so they have a history. Mr. Trump didn’t invent them. Burn bags, which resemble paper grocery bags, have been available throughout the White House complex. There are two types for classified and unclassified material. The classified bags are marked with diagonal red stripes. Joe Biden, or his staffers at his request, are currently filling burn bags.

What is 100% clear is that a president legally determines what is classified and what is not So how could anyone possibly get a conviction on a case like this?

Once you realize there isn’t really any case to be made concerning any documents, then you will begin to see what is really going on here. This is an abuse of power by the FBI and both Merrick Garland (the Attorney General) and Christopher Wray (the FBI director).

This is so clearly on orders from the top…

What did Joe Biden need so badly he would send the FBI to steal from Donald Trump?
What did Joe Biden need so badly he would send the FBI to steal from Donald Trump?

So why am I saying it’s something Biden wanted from the safe? Well, if you were an FBI field agent would you raid a former president’s house whiteout the directors direction? No. If you were the director of the FBI, would you raid a former president’s home without the orders from the Attorney General? No, of course not. And finally, if you were the Attorney General would you allow your field agents on such a raid without running it by the current President, you boss? No, of course not.  No, it defies logic that Joe Biden didn’t instigate this.

Of course, Mr. Biden might simply really think he’s running for reelection in 2024 and he simply wants to eliminate Mr. Trump from the field. If that’s the case, that’s a worse sin than trying to retrieve an alleged “top secret” document.

And think about it if you have politicians playing Spy vs Spy and using ruses to break into each others homes, is are the documents really “top secret” or are they simply just declaring “politically damaging” documents as “top secret”?

In 1971, it’s speculated that a well-known underworld figure Michael X, a drug dealer and Black Power leader, had refused to hand over the naughty photos of Princess Margaret, so the government staged the bank break-in to retrieve the photos. Whatever happened in 1971, the government has admitted that they have a file on Michael X but the file will remain closed until 2054.

Does anyone really believe that the safe was empty?

Donald Trump said the safe was empty, but that sounds like “face saving” or “plausible deniability.”  No one likes to admit that they’ve had their things stolen. And, perhaps later when the FBI lists the incriminating items that they found, Mr. Trump can always argue that finding anything would be impossible

If the FBI now admits that the safe was empty, then I’ll know I’m right. But, we will never know what Joe Biden and Merit Garland wanted so badly that they would lie to a federal judge in order to get a search warrant. But of course, I don’t mind speculating.

What would Joe Biden and Merit Garland need back from Donald Trump?

Whatever it was would have been a smoking gun!

What did Joe Biden need so badly he would send the FBI to steal from Donald Trump?
Merrick Garland (the Attorney General)

Well, Biden’s son and brother have been accused of selling access to the highest echelons of our government. The Hunter Biden had dealing with have to four different (Ukraine, China, Russia and Kazakhstan). But that’s not enough it seems. It must have been bigger than that. Joe could always plead that he wasn’t aware of any of his son’s dealing.

The Bidens have never had their homes rated. They literally sold access to the highest levels of our government. The big guy was taking his 10% cut, according to his own sons laptop, and yet President Biden has never faced legal scrutiny.

So why didn’t Donald Trump us the documents against Biden in the election and simply win and remain in the White House.

When did Donald Trump acquire the documents?

What did Joe Biden need so badly he would send the FBI to steal from Donald Trump?
Christopher Wray (the FBI director)

Perhaps, President Trump didn’t receive the document until after the election. He might have received the documents while he was still in office. So if that’s the case, why didn’t President Trump release them at that time. Biden was seen as the next president; releasing anything would have been seen a self-serving or tampered with and probably wouldn’t have made much difference anyway. Could it be that Mr. Trump was already thinking of running again in 2024? In that case might Mr. Trump have figured he’d just hold on to the document until an optimal time, an October 2024 surprise?

It’s all speculation and that’s what causing rather a lot of consternation. Everyone knows there was something Biden wanted but no one will say what exactly it was.

A fictionalized version of the 1971 burglary is the subject of the 2008 film, The Bank Job. Now, how many decades will pass before someone has the balls to make a movie about this, The Mara Lago Job?